The Ladies Gaelic Football Association teamed up with the  Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry to address the issue of ACL and lower limb injury in Ladies Gaelic Football.

Due to the bio-mechanical make up of the female body, females are more prone to ACL injury.This said however, there are plenty of preventative measures that can be taken that will greatly reduce the risk.

The LGFA and the SSC have embarked on an initiative that will tackle this problem in Ladies Football. The initative aims to research the problem within the realm of Ladies Football and educate LGFA members as to how to reduce the risk of ACL injury  within players.

The PDF’s provided will include descriptions of exercises that athletes can do that will not only help reduce the risk of ACL and lower limb injury in general but will also improve general performance as they will help the athlete to move in a more efficient and powerful manner.

These exercises can be built into a team warm up so that they simply become part of the training session. An example of a warm up is downloadable on the right hand ride of this page.

This initiative is in the very early stages and is currently being further developed. For more information on any of the above please contact